Davis-less Pelicans Lose to Clippers after Valiant Effort

Published: January 10, 2016

The New Orleans Pelicans found themselves without Anthony Davis before the tip, then found themselves without a win as they dropped to 11-25 on the season in a 111-114 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers (25-13).

Overall, this was a winnable game, even without Davis (the Clippers were without Griffin), so the loss hurts just a touch more psychologically, but there were some positive signs.

  • Holiday played well, particularly at the end of the game. He ended up wit 36 minutes. His restrictions are over, so now the real test begins. He’s been showing his value more and more. I do hope he returns to the starting lineup soon. Maybe when Pondexter comes back. More on that below.
  • Evans played very well. The pattern continues: Evans plays better without Davis. The team may be maximized by minimizing their time together, at least in Gentry’s system that is Davis-focused.
  • Asik’s play continues to improve. His rebounding is very helpful to this team.
  • Gordon got minutes, but he didn’t really play. This may be the start of a pattern. Keep an eye out.
  • Luke Babbitt saw 4 minutes of action where he missed a shot and was yanked. I don’t think the issue was him per se; it was just not his time. I applaud the tinkering.
  • This game had no business getting into overtime, but the Pelicans deserve credit for tightening it up. Had they played a better second quarter, things may have been different. I remember a 10-0 run in about 85 seconds. Stuff like that is just killer for a borderline team like the Pelicans, particularly without their star.

About Pondexter: He was Questionable for the game Wednesday, then Doubtful Friday, was Out today. I presume he will be Out for the road trip. I look for another attempt to bring him back for the long homestand. If that fails to manifest, we may be without him all season . . . for one reason or another.

The next game is also at the Staples Center, this time against the Lakers. The game is at 9:30 pm CT (UTC -6). It will be on NBATV in addition to Fox Sports New Orleans and the Pelicans Radio Network, 99.5 FM locally.

We are also having a Watch Party at Tracey’s that night. Look some of us writers there along with other fans and members of the Pelicans community.

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