Game On: Clippers @ Pelicans

Published: December 31, 2015

Quietly, the Pelicans have been playing (essentially) .500 ball since that horrendeous 1-11 start.  Which, truth to be told, isn’t that far off of what they played last year for the whole season.  They are starting to figure things out, despite all the noise and disappointment.

Their opponent, after a month of trying to figure out how to fit four newcomers into their rotation, are also starting to figure things out.  The Clippers have been disappointing so far – but Blake Griffin went down five games ago and Chris Paul has decided the time has come to be Chris f’in Paul.  As we all know, when he decides he needs to go all out, he can win games himself.  And he is.

So the Pelicans need to contain that.  They are at home, which will be a help since these guys can’t win on the road to save their lives.  The question is if Davis will be around to counter Paul’s force a little bit or not.  He is listed as questionable for the game still.

Keys to the Game

  • With Griffin out, only DeAndre Jordan and CP3 generate free throws for the Clippers.  The Pelicans give free throws out like candy.  They need to not foul the crap out of guys who don’t get free throws against anyone else.  Stop reaching for the ball!
  • Treat Redick like he’s the only great shooter the Clippers have.  Because so far this season he has been.  When he’s running off screens, switch to pick him up.  Other than maybe Josh Smith, with Griffin out, there is no one to hurt you in the post wearing Clippers colors if they get a litle on them.
  • Simply run the Pick and Pop and swing.  The Clippers are giving up shots from outside pretty regularly and don’t contest them well.  The Pelicans can catch fire sometimes – so use that.

Enjoy the game

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