Moleskin Moments: Boston Celtics v. New Orleans Pelicans

Published: December 7, 2015

First Quarter

  • 9:13 Davis 3-3 on mid range jumpers. Pels trails Celts 7-6.
  • 8:15 Gee hitting baseline 3s would be huge. Pels lead 10-7
  • 6:25 Bad second foul on Anthony Davis. Falls for the pump fake, sits with the Pels down 13-10.
  • 5:52 No fast break points or points in the paint for the @PelicansNBA so far.
  • 4:42 Beautiful dish by Evans to Ajinca for the dunk. Kind of penetration the team will need from him with Davis out. @PelicansNBA
  • 2:59 DC/Cole/RyNO/Holiday/Ajinca come out of the timeout with a solid defensive possession resulting in a Celtics TO.
  • :42 Stevens concerned with @PelicansNBA size before the game. Jerebko’s two early fouls may make small ball difficult for them this game.

End of 1Q

  • Early foul trouble for Davis, 0 points for Reke, @PelicansNBA tied with @celtics at 25. Think NO will take it.
  • 23 of Boston’s 25 points came from beyond the arc, in the paint, or at the charity stripe. @PelicansNBA have 17 of such points.

2nd Quarter

  • 9:06 Jerebko cannot cover RyNo. @PelicansNBA can run their offense through him.
  • 7:27 Cole with a fantastic block on Isaiah Thomas that leads to a foul on Thomas. May be the best option when it comes to covering IT.
  • 5:15 Great Alley Oop by Holiday Davis. Horrible communication by Holiday Anderson on that fake handoff that gave Olynyk two points. 38-38
  • 2:47 Tyreke isolating on Bradley is not good ffense. Bradley one of the best perimeter defenders in the league. Better matchups to go to.
  • 1:36 Once again, Reke should not be posting up Bradley. (Poss between these two saw Thomas switch onto RyNo, who posted him up for an easy 2.)
  • 1:05 RyNo wanted Davis to cut in for post position on that last possession. AD didnt. RyNo forced a long fadeaway two instead.


  • @celtics ended the first half with an 11-2 run over the @PelicansNBA
  • 47 of the @celtics 53 points came from beyond the arc, at the charity stripe, or in the paint. 30 of the @PelicansNBA 44 of such points.
  • Thomas has 19 points on 8/9 shooting from the floor. @PelicansNBA got to make life more difficult for him.

3rd Quarter

  • 8:35 Gentry takes out starting backcourt of Eric Gordon and Reke for Cole/Holiday. EG and Reke have yet to score (or slow down Bradley/Thomas)
  • 7:22 Gentry benched the entire starting lineup.
  • 3:05 5 team fouls on Boston. @PelicansNBA need to get to the line in order to get easy points and set up the defense in order to shift the tide.
  • 1:46 Huge drive and dish by Smith to Dante for a 3. 75-64 Celtics. @PelicansNBA will want to make this inside ten heading into the fourth.

4th Quarter

  • 11 min Good start to the 4th ahs the @PelicansNBA within ten. 81-71
  • 9”45 Davis or Anderson should be inside for the rest of the game. No one on Boston can cover either guy,
  • 6:45 The fact that the @PelicansNBA can’t complete a 3-on-1 fastbreak is emblematic of how this game has gone for them.
  • 4:47 Pregame, Gentry talked about how the Stevens gets his team to play hard. Doesn’t have to worry about that. Looking prophetic and reflective.
  • 3:58 0 FTs for Anthony Davis shows how out of it he has been this game.

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