Pelicans down Suns

Published: November 26, 2015

The Pelicans handled that game with poise, absorbing the haymaker Brandon Knight threw in the first quarter and then working the Suns deliberately for the rest of the game.  Despite the 20 points by Knight in the first quarter and the 39 total points scored by the Suns, the Pelicans were only down 2 at half.  It’s hard to pick the main story or contributor to highlight for the Pelicans.    Davis was huge, but Ish Smith and Ryan Anderson had stretches carrying the offense while Gordon contributed all game long.

Ish even had a four minute stretch near the end of the game where the Pelicans leaned on him to keep them afloat as the Suns doubled down on guarding everyone else and left him room to operate.  And Ish took advantage, hitting big shots.

It was a pretty crazy game.

  • Davis continued his hard-nosed work on the boards from the last two games, including the hard fought offensive rebound that sealed the lead and began the free-throw game.  He also had a trio of alley-oops, a trio of smooth floaters, and deadeye shooting from the midrange.  26 points on 14 shots, 17 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 blocks.  Nice
  • Ish was ridiculous on offense.  He really was.  In the first quarter Brandon Knight light his defense on fire, but he worked damn hard through the second half to at least make the Suns work a little harder.
  • Alonzo Gee was a mess.  He was over-aggressive on defense, drawing dumb fouls – and offensively he turned down multiple wide open threes to drive awkwardly and not score.  Honestly, even if he can only shoot 30% from three – take that shot.  It’s better than a turnover.
  • Gordon had a nice all around scoring game.  He did have a chain of three wide open misses in the third that helped turn a 6 point lead into a 3 point deficit, but then he came back with a nice transition bucket and big three in the fourth.  He’s a steady, reliable release valve.
  • He was also suprisingly good defensively.  He kept drawing Bledsoe and he sat on Eric’s right hand, forcing him left.  Nothing but good comes of you forcing him left.  Very bad things follow you letting him go right.  It was impressive.
  • Not sure what to say about Anderson any more.  He’s back up to peak Anderson again and is scoring in so many different ways.  He’s also done a great job contesting hard drives against him.  Last year if Bledsoe or Knight drove on him, he would be a step behind.  Now he’s on their hip.
  • I felt bad for Asik.  It felt like every time he did something good, he followed it with something bad.  Every time.  And usually that bad was obvious, visible, and infuriating.
  • Jrue’s defense was very good all over the floor tonight.  He’s still not an explosive player going to the basket, but he’s tricky.
  • I left this for last, since it’s a bummer, but the team is still only 4-11.  Guh.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Next game is Friday.

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