Game On Pelicans @ Mavericks: Time to get real

Published: November 7, 2015

Alright.  We’ve been nice up to this point.  We’ve looked at the upside, the possibilities, the fact this is a new system.  We’ve bemoaned the injuries.  And now I’m done with that.

Give me a god damned win.

Seriously.  A win.  I waited through a 3-year rebuild for what was supposed to be this season.  The season where the Pelicans break out and become a contender.  Instead, I’m watching roadkill.

Screw that.  Hey AD, 43 and 10 not good enough for a win?  Get 50 and 20!  Ish Smith, you set a career record in assists last game?  Well your career has sucked.  Set a new one.  Eric Gordon, are you showing you can shoot and dribble?  You’re a guard, you are supposed to be able to do that. Luke Babbitt, chain two defensive plays together . . . or even one! Please?

Put it together!  Gentry, coach someone somewhere, damnit!  That’s why they brought you in!

Dallas is a team with NBA veterans at every position and a good coach.  That’s all you can say for them.

Beat. Them. Down.

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