Pelicans Play the Heat in Final Preseason Game

Published: October 23, 2015

In the final warmup for the regular season the Pelicans play the Miami Heat tonight at the Smoothie King Center, tip off for 7pm CT. Tonight is all about one thing: get through the ******* game without injuries. The Pels have had the luck of Marsellus Wallace, who, while out shopping for donuts, just happened to run into a life or death fight on the street that just happened to lead into the worst pawn shop of all time that just happened to have extremely sadistic owners with nothing on their to-do list, which then lead to one of the the most unfortunate eeny meeny miny mo losses I’ve ever seen. When will this run end? It seems like some cruel joke.

Tonight is also Ochsner’s Breast Cancer Awareness Night. Get out to the game early for the pre-game party to support a good cause and for some fun times and good eating, first 5000 fans get free pink sunglasses. Tonight is also the debut of the new scoreboard and LED boards in the Smoothie King Center. “The scoreboard extends from foul line to foul line with a length of 44’ and height of 21’, while the side panels are 25’ wide and 21’ tall,” very fancy.

The season is basically here, only 8 days now until the opener, what better way to warm up for the opener than to get out for a practice opener on a great Friday night. And it is for a good cause. And you get free sunglasses.

Through the preseason so far we’ve seen the Anthony Davis we all hoped for, clear MVP candidate + some 3’s, but we’ve also seen a Jrue Holiday who looks good in limited minutes and a Ryan Anderson who looks so much more like his normal self, something we haven’t seen in about a year and a half. Look for that to continue and keep an eye on new comer Nate Robinson, guy is at the very least an entertaining watch.

Seriously though the only thing to see here is a nice, easy going, no-injury game. Definitely just a simple, healthy match up. Go Pels!

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