New Orleans Pelicans, Anthony Davis Visit Chicago

The New Orleans Pelicans play the Chicago Bulls in Chicago at Monday at 7pm CT (UTC -5). The game is on NBA TV and the Pelicans radio network, 99.5 FM locally.

The Pelicans list their probable starters as Cunningham, Davis, Evans, Gordon, and Perkins, though Gordon is questionable with back spasms. (Gordon played just 10 minutes against the Hawks Friday). Norris Cole joins Asik, Ajinca, and Pondexter as Out with a left ankle issue, but it is not clear how long he’ll be out. As of now, we have no indication that this is a long-term issue. Though Holiday is not listed as a starter, there’s been no update on his condition, so I assume he’ll start if Gordon sits.

The Bulls’ list their likely starters are Bulter, Gasol, Hinrich, Mirotic, and Snell. Dunleavy, Gibson, Rose at a minimum are Out.

The Pelicans continue to sign camp bodies to bolster camp competition, look for some signs of gold, or at least some ore. The latest is Jerome Jordan, and Nick had a little to say about this here.

While the battle to see who our next Lance Thomas rages, I’m pretty much ignoring it. For this game, here’s what I’m looking at:

  • Davis. Davis is playing in Chicago. He’s going to be fired up. Look for a show.
  • Gordon. If he plays, how much and how well? There’s no reason to think this is an ongoing issue. If it were a knee or ankle, maybe, but he’s had nothing major wrong with back since high school. He played well against the Pacers.
  • Holiday. Holiday has yet to record an assist. I’d like to see him work in all phases, not initiating, scoring, rebounding.
  • Anderson. Anderson has taken shots but not made shots (just 1). He’s rebounding and working. Minutes are the cure for this, likely. I want to see him out there as long as he can handle it.
  • Cunningham. People have been imagining Cunningham dropping 3’s, but so far he’s 0/4 in 39 minutes. I, for one, am perfectly happy with him taking shots he can make rather than missing shots that would be worth more if he made them. If he makes 3’s, that’s great, too. Of course, he’s 2/6 from 2. I just want to see him find his range, concentrate on defense. There’s plenty of offense out there, he just needs to be worth covering.

The Pelicans last played Friday, the Bulls Saturday.

Mason should be credentialed at the game, so be sure to check out his reports through the night and after the game.

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