Dancing with Anthony Davis

Published: July 24, 2015

The MVP of the Crescent City, the richest man in a New Orleans jersey, the future dominator of hung banners in Champions Square, Anthony Davis, could have added another trophy to his case this Summer. From TMZ Sports via the talented basketball stable over at DimeMag, we learned today that Anthony Davis turned down an offer to be on Dancing With The Stars for a very good reason which is, he cannot dance (the full DimeMag post is here). The video, here:

The borderline-awkward ambush interview had other interesting tidbits from the Big Easy Basketball God, including

  1. Anthony Davis does not blow any of his money (Are you sure? Because I’ve got this idea for a movie where a transcendent basketball player and one of his biggest fans go on a road trip together…)
  2. Anthony Davis wants to invest in technology (…okay, cool, what if in the movie they go on a road trip to a technology conference and end up playing in a basketball tournament and save technology from destroying the planet?)
  3. Sometimes Anthony Davis does things just to have fun (Perfect, we’ll call the movie “Anthony Just Wants to Have Fun”)

Chris Trew is a comedian and Pelicans season ticket holder. He contributes to Bourbon Street Shots, podcasts every Tuesday, and performs comedy weekly at The New Movement.

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