The Marmoset as Anthony Davis

Published: July 14, 2015

Anthony Davis is the future of the NBA and the future of the NBA can do whatever he wants, including keeping a marmoset as a pet.

They are, however, not supposed to be kept as pets. From

  • Marmosets are wild animals and have very particular requirements
  • It is impossible to provide an environment as complex as in the wild
  • To avoid common health issues like bone disease, essential requirements include specialist diets and outdoor access (UV light)

Sounds like the perfect fit for Anthony Davis.

  • Anthony Davis is a wild basketball player and has a very particular skill set
  • It is impossible to provide a defense to contain him
  • To avoid common issues like getting posterized, essential requirements include refusing to guard him

In this video, the marmoset is Anthony Davis and this poor little dog is the rest of the NBA:

The marmoset is in complete control as the dog hopelessly tries to keep up. A soft bark has no chance of penetrating the marmosets concentration. Explosive moves up the sofa and back around to the filmmaker’s leg prevent the tiny white dog from getting close to a bite, which is exactly what we’re all looking forward to this year from Anthony Davis (the marmoset) and the rest of the NBA (the tiny white dog trying its best). Also, did you know marmosets can hit corner 3’s?

Chris Trew is a comedian and Pelicans season ticket holder living in New Orleans. Follow him on Twitter here.

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