In the NO Podcast Ep. 221: Free Agency Starting Mark

Michael and I talk about the news about Jrue Holiday’s leg injury and the 76ers being fined about it, the underwhelming results of the NBA Draft, and then we get into the big fun discussion: The Draft! We talk pie-in-the-sky candidates, whether Asik should come back and at what deal, and who we think should be targeted for all those mid-level exception dollar bills.

Austin Rivers anyone?

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4 responses to “In the NO Podcast Ep. 221: Free Agency Starting Mark”

  1. Yes!
    Schwan is down with the Corey Brewer wave!
    I wanted Dell to trade for him last year when tje timberwolves made him available.
    Houston got him…and of course they make the western conference finals. Forget James Harden…it was all about the Brewer…hahaha
    I truly believe though…that 1 addition can make this team make that sorta leap.
    I have no doubts…he will be a fan favorite. ..once they get to see him night in and night out.
    Not sure if Dell is that high on him though…didn’t hear any interest last year.

  2. My top 3 targets would be.
    1.Corey Brewer
    2.A sign n trade Tobias
    3.Jason Smith back.
    But i think im in the Minority thinking the Pels…are in a great position this year n the future.
    Big fan of what Dell is doing

  3. Brewer would be great on this team, but I don’t think he can be had for the mid level.
    Simalarly Tobias is gonna get big $$, is he the guy we want to make an eg type investment in?
    Would welcome j smith back, especially if we can’t get ajinca

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