The New Orleans Pelicans’ 2014-2015 Season Is Over

Published: April 26, 2015

After the downs and ups and downs, the 2014-2015 Season of the New Orleans Pelicans is over. The 109-98 loss to the Golden State Warriors completes the sweep by the exceptional Warriors. I could dissect the game ad infinitum, but Chris has given a good feel of the game anyway, and there’s just not too much to take from it at this point. Davis and Gordon played well, but Curry, Thompson, and Green played better.

Pieces will come flowing forth over the next few days about all our players, more will look back at the season, still more will look forward to the offseason and Davis’ extension. Tonight, I just want to look back at this series and make a few notes.

The Pelicans bad luck kept them from competing for a higher seed, but their good luck allowed them in the playoffs.

Now, some would say that being fed to the Warriors on their way to a title should be filed under bad luck. I disagree.

The New Orleans Pelicans, plucky as they are, were not winning a title this season even in the best of times. Getting to the playoffs meant many good things for them, but winning a large number of games was not one of them. In this case, I say they lost to the best team they could lose to.

  • If the Warriors win the title, the Pelicans can say they took it to the champs. More importantly, they’d be right. The first round is not the Finals, but knowing how you fared against the best in a truly competitive environment is very, very useful on a number of levels.
  • The Warriors are not just a great time, the Warriors have tremendous offensive strength right were the Pelicans have their biggest defensive flaw: on the perimeter. We can talk about three-point defense all day long, but that doesn’t change the big picture or the fact that the Warriors hit a number of threes in each game that not only helped them win, but also made some statements to the upstart Pelicans. This mismatch force the players to address their flaws to avoid total embarrassment. To their credit, they did.
  • The Warriors are so good at so many things the Pelicans just are not good at, like running a break well and knowing when to break the break. In game 3, the one they nearly won, they realized that discretion was the better part of valor when appropriate, and it worked out for them (on many of those possessions). They had the best seats in the house for 4 games, and they used them to learn, make no mistake about it.
  • Davis got to see what an MVP is. Forget the award, focus on the concept. Set aside stats and criteria and history. Curry is the absolute best shooter at the moment, and he still manages to rebound, pass, initiate, all while speaking short commands to teammates to stop what they are doing and obey. He rests and trust, and he dominates. He’s overcome injury, accepted (several) teammates making more money than him, and more, and continues to deliver and deliver and deliver.

So, not so bad.

Lastly, as our offseason as a team, a city, and a site is just starting, I want have few last things to say as our season closes.

I’d like to congratulate the Warriors and their fans. Warriors fans as a whole are amazing fans. They deserve a title, and I’ll be rooting for them if I see them in the Finals. If you want to follow the Warriors, check out Warriors World (

Pelicans fans, especially our readers, thanks for a great season. Everyone here has different motivations for writing, but we all agree that you are the reason. It’s only going to get better with us and with the team. Thanks for sticking with us.

To the New Orleans Pelicans, we are truly happy for each and every one of you, from Tom Benson down to the guy hired to make sure the Crystal labels always face the cameras. Get yourself an extra pump of chocolate in that granita, or, if you want a tip from a professional, ask them to make it with “half chocolate, half caramel,” then sprinkle on some cocoa and cinnamon. At any rate, good job, and may peace and health rain on your families like water on the lunch crowd at Jazzfest today.

We’ll see you at Tracey’s soon.


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