Moleskin Moments: Warriors v. Pelicans Game 4

Published: April 25, 2015

Will be interesting to see how Monty matches up w/ @warriors smaller lineups. Referenced that maybe sitting Asik was a mistake in Gm 3.

@Jrue_Holiday11 is a go for tonight.

@PelicansNBA were +17 with @ryananderson33 on the floor in Game 3.

@ryananderson33 went 10/14 shooting last game for 26 points, after going only 2/11 the prior two games combined.


Two fantastic defensive plays by Asik to start the game. Could be a good sign.

10:22 4-2 Pels So it @TheofficialEG10 making his first jumpshot off the bounce.

9:40 @AsikOmer playing the long con? Nice post-up, and-1 (made the free throw. )

6:17 2 fouls on Bogut is huge. One of the best Quarter against the Warriors this year included Bogyu mostly on the bench. (3Q Apr 7 36-23.)

5:27 All 15 points for the @warriors come from beyond the arc or inside the paint.

19-19 The beauty of @ryananderson33 ‘s spacing was seen there, when @TheofficialEG10 got to the paint and no weakside help came over.

@pg30_Cole called out for someone to pick up the ball on that fastbreak, but no one cut off Speights. Thing that a training camp may help.

@warriors 5/7 from beyond the arc. 10 points in the paint on 6 shots, 8 fb points. Need to take some of these away.


@Jrue_Holiday11 draining a midrange jumper he was working on pre-game

9:39 Huge 3 by Anderson. Awakens the crowd a bit.

Complete confusion on who to pick up on that last fastbreak. Ends with 2 guys covering nobody. Can’t have that happen against @warriors

7:11 20 points in the paint and 14 fb points for the @warriors. @PelicansNBA gave up only 18 PITP and 18 fb points in the 1st half last game

6: 23 Great TO by Monty. @AntDavis23 finished on a roll to the basket. Then a beautiful cut by DC after @ryananderson33 dbled. @warriors TO.

5:12 @warriors picking on @TyrekeEvans the last two possessions. @AsikOmer checks in for @ryananderson33.

The fact that the @PelicansNBA didn’t ever fully reset after that Off. Reb, take a contested 2, followed by a fastbreak, is problematic.

2:41 @AsikOmer didn’t last long there. @ryananderson33 back in. In better news, good @TheofficialEG10 is here. 3 fouls on Bogut.

@TheofficialEG10 Best half I’ve seen from him. Making the right play everytime down.


@AsikOmer -2 @ryananderson33 -11. #curiousstats

@PelicansNBA +1 with @AntDavis23 out, so it’s not that this game.

@warriors had 18 points in the paint and 5 3pointers at the half last game. 28 PITP and 9/14 from beyond the arc this game.

@Pelicans 1-10 when giving up 10+ 3FGM to their opponent (@warriors have made 9 so far.)



First five minutes huge here. #Pelicans

10:20 Tyreke Evans nearly Mario Chalmer’d Anthony Davis on that alley oop.

9:06 @StephenCurry30 cannot grab the rebound there. Leads to a foul and 3.

6:35 3 fouls on Curry

6:15 Cole in for Q-Pon. Would have been curious to see that sub with Cole replacing Evans, give the Pels for spacing/defense.

5:48 Iggy in for Bogut (4 fouls)

1:55 Points in the Paint, 3PTers and FTs made up 83 of the 87 points for the @warriors. @PelicansNBA didn’t take much away this game.

@PelicansNBA got them right where they want them. Going to totally @warriors them now.


10:04 9-0 run while having Green and Curry pick up a fourth foul, all while Davis is out. Is as good a start as you can draw up. #Pelicans

9:05 Was just wondering when that guy would come back in @AnyDavis23

2:55 DC at the three is questionable here.

Standing O for the @PelicansNBA . Great season. This has been @cromaguerawrite live-tweeting the game for you.

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