Moleskin Moments: Warriors v. Pelicans Game 3

Published: April 23, 2015

Moleskin Moments


@PelicansNBA were 34-10 when scoring 100+ points during the reg. season. (Haven’t scored 100 yet in the postseason.)

@PelicansNBA were 1-10 on the season when their opponent makes 10+ 3s.

In G2, @PelicansNBA were outscored 11-4 when @AntDavis23 was sitting (2:56). Got to be able to afford giving him a bigger break today.

“When you’re down two games, you feel like you need to win. If that doesn’t happen, it’s not a tragedy, but it’s getting close.” Monty

In G2, @TyrekeEvans layup w/ 4:43 left in the game was the last field goal for the @PelicansNBA. @warriors closed on a 9-1 run.

Closing quarters key. @PelicansNBA closed 1Q well in Game 2. But gave up the lead with a 17-5 run by the @warriors in the second quarter. Similar to Apr.7 when the Warriors went on a run at the end of both the first and second quarters.

“The last month and a half of our season allowed us to get used to the stresses and pressures of playing in these situations.” Monty

@QuincyPondexter shot 46.4% from beyond the arc after the All-Star Break. Shot 32.9% before the break. Biggest jump in the NBA.


Loved the space provided to Davis early on by isolating him on the baseline.

Warriors came out like a team with brooms in hand.


That cut by @Jrue_Holiday11 on the @pg30_Cole 3 is the kinda heady play the @PelicansNBA been missing.  #2quarterCole 31-25

2nd quarter Cole!

7:30 The bounce play with @ryananderson33 can really kill this @warriors defense if RyNo starts hitting his shot. Switching nightmare.  42-30

5:25 @ryananderson33 has 11 points in this game. 7 in the prior 2.



@PelicansNBA holding the @warriors to 18 points in the paint on 16 shots is huge. #keytothegame

Trombone Shorty and Irma Thomas as musical acts are good signs. Game 3 of the first round has better acts than the Super Bowl.  #nola

Interesting to see how Asik is handled here. Was huge in game 2 and regular season win. Not so much otherwise.


Nice to see an active Pondexter. Everyone needs to be an active agent to beat this defense consistently.

67-56 AD Second offensive foul. That’s got to be a fine on Barnes. SKC letting them know it too.

8:52 That last offensive sequence is why people get frustrated with Asik. Easy roll would have been a dunk. Can’t blame them either.

7:15 Every time Bogut is on @AntDavis23 he should attack.


6: 36 Davis winning that loose ball is why players will always play hard for him. Follow the lead of your captain.

5:58 Heady play by Gordon to attack Curry there. This team is much more active and engaged today. #experience 73-58

5:21 Giving Omer some love. Good boards and anchoring the defense.

5:21 Also Evans in space. Repeat!

79-64Was about to yell about that Ryno shot and no one cutting to him, but it went in. Do want to see @AntDavis23 attack Speights though.

1:38 Speights starting to get the Tiago Splitter treatment a la 2013 NBA Finals (whose turn is it to block him or burn him?)

@warriors 1/4 from the paint for two points in the third quarter. #keystothegame #breakingthebroominhalf


93-73 @ryananderson33 New postseason career high for points w/ 17 (prev. 14). @PelicansNBA 19-7 during the regular season when he scores 15+

7:25 Jrue out at exactly 15 minutes played. Could be due to the score, could be his minute restriction.

6:25 “Time for AD” I says, and AD stands up.

RyNo 23 points 101-83? @PelicansNBA will be investigated for tampering if @ryananderson33 keeps shooting like this. He may actually be LaMarcus Aldridge.

4:40 – Can’t get careless here. Need to stay disciplined on defense, keep moving the ball on offense.

3:33 103-95- Green just dunked a Curry miss in. “Why must we do this @PelicansNBA?”

3:12 Great putback by @AntDavis23 but too many Isos right now.

:45 Q-Pon, Holiday, Dante, Davis, Evans, our ending 5.


:21 Davis sticking to Green on those fake hand offs and was extremely crucial and smart. Forced tough shots.

:17 Holiday with clutch free throws.

What Just happened? (you know what happened.)

Have to wonder about not fouling there.

Also never inbounding the ball without a timeout, so not having one to be able to advance up the court.

How many offensive rebounds did they grab in the last five minutes?

Of course that’s a lot of hindsight.


More offensive rebounds for GSW (first possession.)

Need to attack the paint more.  Like Evans did there drawing the foul.  (first point of the OT).

117-111 Need a score and a stop right here. Can’t keep bleeding.

Curious why Asik is in now .Seems a little late.

:36 Someone’s scrimmage is over. (Green foul out.)

:24 Hate that the @PelicansNBA don’t go to @AntDavis23 after Green fouled out. Want your best player to decide your fate.

:14 Would love those 10 seconds back.

:9 Curious foul there, but the @PelicansNBA will take it.

:00 This was such a happier write-up 30 minutes ago.


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