The Win’s the Thing and One More to Go

Published: April 13, 2015

In the end you knew it was going to shake out like this. There wasn’t going to be any other way. The Pelicans took care of business tonight against the Timberwolves–after a sluggish start–by the score of 100-88. And that’s all we need to say about the game because¬†the Thunder did their job, beating the Trailblazers 101-90.

And it all comes down to Wednesday.

No more talking about the Thunder. The Pelicans, and their fans, can focus on one thing: The San Antonio Spurs. Nothing else matters.

Win and you’re in. Lose and go home. Whatever cliche you want. Say it with a dark, rumbling voice. It fits.

Wednesday is the biggest game of the past four years. Arguably bigger than the playoff series against the Lakers. That team, led by Chris Paul, the beloved son, wasn’t expecting greatness beyond that year. It feels different for Anthony Davis. Yes, if the Pelicans lose it will hurt, but it’s only a one game difference when it comes to the W’s and L’s. It doesn’t wipe away what the team has accomplished this year. And, right now, it feels like this team is on the verge of something big, about to take off on a truly ascendant arc destined for greatness. And we want to be brought along. That’s why the playoffs matter.

Put on your Blue, Gold, and Red. Get excited. Pack the Smoothie King Center. Find fellow fans at Tracey’s. Have a party at your house.

And make some goddamn noise.

But, if for some reason the Pelicans don’t make it, stay for a moment and cheer. Support the team. For all the highs and lows, frustrations and miraculous 3-pointers, it’s been a good season.

And we have one more game to go before we find out if it’s over.


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