Watch Party Wednesday, April 8th @ Tracey’s!

Published: April 2, 2015

I’m just going to come right out and say it: Last time we had a watch party I called a big Pelicans victory. What happened? The Pelicans whipped up on the Nets. Would you like to see that happen again? Only with bigger playoff implications? What about against a division rival in the Memphis Grizzlies? Awesome! So, we’ll see you at Tracey’s at the corner of Third and Magazine street.

This very well could be the game that decides the team’s playoff fate. It’s far better to be in that nerve racking situation with friends. Plus, this is our LAST (regular season) WATCH PARTY. You cannot miss it. So, come talk hoops with our writers, grab some gravy cheese fries, and enjoy the game with others decked our in red, blue, and gold.

In all seriousness, these parties have been wonderful this season. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know, and becoming friends with, many of our readers. All of us a Bourbon Street Shots thank you for your support this season, and we hope to see you Wednesday.

Tracey's logo 0211What You Need To Know

When: Wednesday, April 8th at 6 pm central. But we’ll be there early to talk Pelicans.

Where: Tracey’s Original Irish Channel Bar. Third and Magazine Street.

Who: Bourbon Street Shots. And You! And your friends!

The Result: Growling at Grizzlies fans

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