Game On: Pelicans @ Mavericks

The red-hot Pelicans travel to Dallas to face a Mavericks team that will be missing two of its key players, Chandler Parsons and Tyson Chandler.  The Pelicans are on their longest winning streak of the season (5 games) and they will be tested tonight despite the Mavericks missing key players.

Dirk may have played in the All-Star game, but I am way more afraid of Monta Ellis. Ellis has torched the Pelicans over and over again, and without Jrue Holiday, this could be even worse. Being able to contain Ellis is of utmost importance.

Questions for tonight

  1. Who guards Monta Ellis? Can this person limit his penetration on pick/rolls?
  2. How much do the Pelicans miss having Davis to guard Dirk? Do they play a smaller man on Dirk and aggressively double him or deny him the ball?
  3. Does Tyreke impose his will by destroying Dallas at the rim? Tyson Chandler will not be playing, so this could be a great night for Tyreke to find quality looks at the rim.


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