In the NO Podcast Ep. 203: Pelicans turning corner?

After good wins over the Clippers and Hawks, it’s easy to squint your eyes, ignore the Denver loss and think playoffs once more. So guess what? Michael and I talk playoffs, Ryan Anderson not hedging, one of those nights in almost hated Denver, how many wins it will take for Davis to win MVP, and if Korver is an All-star

Plus Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans’ excellent play and what it means with Jrue!

Enjoy the Podcast!

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2 responses to “In the NO Podcast Ep. 203: Pelicans turning corner?”

  1. Love listening to these every week. Very informative. I also enjoy all of the little jabs at john salmons and other inside jokes about different players.

  2. Im so rooting for that Asik trade to go down like that.
    Playoffs, MVP, and draft pick….long way to go for that.
    But would that be the turn around in Dells career in New Orleans?
    Im already at in Dell I trust…..but seems like others dont feel that way yet.
    Will that get him that executive of the year…and complete support down in the N.O?

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