Pelicans avenge 76ers loss

Published: January 26, 2015

Dare I say it?  Do I talk about cohesion and team play and sharing the ball?  Or do I just chalk it all up to the team looking good playing a totally overmatched squad.  I’d love to make this recap all rainbows and flowers, but good lord – did you look at that starting line-up for the 76ers?  Noel – Henry Sims – Mbah A Moute – Covington – Drew.  Three of those guys weren’t even drafted!

So yeah, good win taking care of business.  Sign that the team is going to go on a tear?  Check back next week.

  • With just a few minutes left in the third quarter and the Pelicans up 23, Davis sprinted the length of the floor trailing a fast break, slipped between two 76ers, ripped down a board in traffic and tossed up a putback while getting fouled.  The team was up 23!  Over the last few games, I will say Davis’ energy has been a joy to watch.  Oh – and he put up a 32-10-3-3-4 with zero turnovers.  And 19 shots.
  • I admit, I couldn’t stop grinning in the third as the team was winging the ball around the perimeter, passing up open shots to give the ball to teammates for other open shots.  They weren’t even necessarily better shots – but I love seeing it happen.
  • Since Jrue has gone down, the team has been doing a lot more to post up Anthony Davis.  I find it funny because Davis isn’t even a monster post-up threat right now.  He’s got a mediocre face-up game, a solid jumper, and nothing with his back to the basket.  But teams worry about him already!  They either flat out double or always have a guy ready to jump over to help.  It’s starting to bend defenses – which is the first step to breaking them.
  • The 76ers had a lot of their starting line-up out there in the fourth when the Pelicans’ scrubs couldn’t score for 6 straight minutes.  They cut the lead by 5 during that time.  Oomph.
  • Homeboy Anderson(19 and 7 with 3 steals) is a sick offensive weapon.  Let’s hope he can talk to Travelin’ Ryan, who is garbage.
  • Salmons played basketball tonight!  He had an awesome pick – put his foot down on the accelerator in transition . . . and 3 76ers easily ran him down, stole the ball and left him sniffling on the asphalt.  Maybe that last part was a flashback of mine.
  • I think I could let Wolters go.  As long as Jimmer is there to catch me as I fall.

Next game Wednesday against an okay Nuggets team!  Dogfight!


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