Observations: Pelicans take down Wolves

Published: January 23, 2015

For a short time I thought this might just be one of those Mo Williams nights, when he would be hitting everything and make it really hard for the Pelicans to win.  The way the game opened, with a 11-1 run by the Wolves, I also thought I’d seen this pattern before by the Pelicans.  Get down big to a crappy team, never get over the hump.

Both were unduly pessimistic as Gordon caught fire on his jumper, Tyreke Evans did Tyreke Evans things, the whole team leaked out in transition through the middle two quarters, and Anthony Davis decided he’d finally hit one his jumpers in the fourth to seal what had been a 4-8 point lead for most of the game.

Going to have to give the game ball to Gordon tonight, though Evans was deserving.  Gordon was patient against a young team, waited for gaps, found the openings, and dropped his jumpers.


  • Anthony Davis missed every jumper he took tonight except the one with two minutes left to go and the Wolves trying to get back into it.  I felt like it was kind of a bad night for him.  And he finished with 21 and 12.  Good lord.
  • The Wolves have some veterans, but three different times, when the Wolves had Zach Lavine, Wiggins and Dieng out there – all young guys – Monty would have his guys switch zone, and the Wolves had no idea what to do.  All resulted in terrible shots – though Lavine did manage to hit the three he took out of it.  He’s shooting 24% on the season now.
  • If you get a moment, take a look at LaVine’s mug shot on his player card at ESPN.com.  It screams high school yearbook tough guy.  “That’s right, look badass.  look badass.  yeeeaaah.”
  • Thad Young was a terror in the pick and roll, finishing well around the rim, but the Pelicans ignored him on the perimeter completely and he managed to grab exactly zero boards all game.  I like Thad, but I’ve never wanted to go after him because he’s a tweener forward with no perimeter game, and the Pelicans have plenty of that, thank you.
  • Evans hit a 45-foot set shot after a whistle.  That was just the fifth time the Pelicans tried a three pointer.  That’s right.  They shot 4 threes the entire game.  4.  The Wolves shot 9.  I should go pester ol’ Elias at the sports bureau to let me know the last time there was a game with a combined 13 threes taken in it.  Byron Scott eat your heart out.
  • The bench all played fairly well, and all but Babbitt had a positive +/-.  Dante Cunningham had a great effect as a hustle player at critical parts in the game, but I will say it again:  Step back, Dante!  Just a single step!  And your 14 points on 12 shots would have been 18 points on 12 shots!  And once that happens, the spacing would be so much better!
  • I was surprised that the Pelicans only had 13 turnovers.  It felt like every time they were about to put the smack down on the Wolves, they’d have a pair of stupid turnovers and let them back into it.
  • Nate Wolters got minutes again tonight as Monty tries to see what he can do before they have to decide if they want to sign him for the rest of the year or not.  They have 9 more days to decide.  What do you think so far?

On to face Dallas on Sunday!  Dare we hope for a 3-game winning streak?  Be still my heart!


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