Pelicans at Hornets: Open Thread

Published: January 7, 2015

The 17-17 Pelicans take on the 12-24 Charlotte Hornets tonight.  The Hornets feature an average defense and an abysmal offense, and they are without Lance Stephenson and Al Jefferson.  The Hornets are excellent at preventing opponents from getting to the rim, but are average at stopping them once they get there; they will also avoid fouling you at all costs.


1.  Do the Pelicans win tonight? What is the score?

2.  The Bobcats will give up jumpers to stop you from getting to the rim.  Does Tyreke Evans settle for early jumpers or manage to get to the rim and draw secondary defenders?

3.  The Bobcats are not a good shooting team.  Can the Pelicans help defenders take an extra step or two away from their men to help stop drives without giving up good looks from deep?

Weigh in below!



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