In the NO Podcast Ep 198: Jrue and AD

Nick Lewellen and I spend some time talking about Jrue Holiday’s phenomenal defense – but how he’s generally viewed around the league as a third tier sort of point guard. We talk about how he’s grown, and if he’s good enough to be a member of a big three. Then we shift to Anthony Davis and I make a crazy statement about his offensive game, Nick kindly ignores it and we start talking about defense.

We spend a lot of time talking about defense and line-up data. I love me some numbers.

Enjoy the Podcast!

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4 responses to “In the NO Podcast Ep 198: Jrue and AD”

  1. “How is he (Jrue) not everyone’s second favorite player?” Ditto, my friend. His defense alone is a beautiful thing to watch. ESPECIALLY after he makes a mistake on offense. He gets this rage about him that he will do whatever it takes to get the ball back.

  2. Nice work, guys. I enjoyed it. 
    Y’all didn’t really delve into it (because it’s tough for viewers to know exactly what is supposed to be happening), but I am curious about the specific scheme they try to run. 
    The switching perplexes me, given the roster. It’s a difficult tactic to utilize with seasoned players, let alone this group. Plus the roster (mainly combo guards and bigs) isn’t really built for it- teams can find mismatches very easily. That they do it so much seems a bit lazy to me. Thoughts?
    I’m also curious what y’all think about how Anderson is used defensively when he is on the court with Davis. I know they are adamant that Davis is a 4, not a 5. But don’t they almost have to reconsider putting Davis on the opposing 5 for rim protection and rebounding purposes? Anderson just can’t control the paint. 
    PS- I have to disagree with you both on Josh Smith being a bad NBA player. A horrible fit for the Pelicans, certainly, but he has played good basketball for years in the NBA; he might be the most infuriating player in the league, yet he also has been good for a long time.

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