In the NO Podcast Ep 195: No Gordon, No Asik, No Problem?

Michael and I talk about . . . 43 points!  INJURIES?!?  OMG!!!!  What do we do!!!  Or – we break down no less than 6 games and give a brief preview of the week to come.  We talk everything – replacements for Gordon, the weakness of the bench, whether Tyreke is never going to hit a layup again, and whether Anthony Davis is a newborn godling placed in New Orleans to save us all.

Enjoy the Podcast!

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4 responses to “In the NO Podcast Ep 195: No Gordon, No Asik, No Problem?”

  1. Because of Eric Gordon’s torn labrum, it looks like a lot of you folks who have been rooting for him to be benched will get your wish.  We’ll see how that turns out for y’all.  EJ, if you read this website, please know that 99% of Pels fans are wishing you a speedy and successful recovery.

  2. The Pels most likely will ask the NBA for an injury exemption and Gordon’s injury history will be the reason. I don’t think Benson wants to invest in him much longer. I know the Gordon bandwagon fans out there don’t like me saying this but he’s an $55 million dollars of wasted goods.

  3. Jimmy Lee Dobbs
    How would that work?  $2.5M in annual salary, prorated for the rest of the year, and a roster spot to sign a player?

  4. 504ever Jimmy Lee Dobbs No, you get an exception worth up to 5.4 million to sign or trade for a player. But the player has to be on the last year of their deal. So, for example, the Pels could use this exception (if they get it) to trade for Kirilenko and wouldn’t have to send back any salary

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