Game On: New Orleans Pelicans vs. D-League Select

Well, at least we got New Orleans Pelicans basketball, right? It is not an exciting matchup – No Wiggins or Parker or Randle (that comes Sunday), but it’s Pelicans basketball darn it! Today, New Orleans kicks off their Summer League schedule with a game against the D-League Select Team, a notoriously scrappy team in the Vegas Summer League (4-1 last year). Some familiar names for the Select team include: Devin Ebanks, Terell Harris, and Tony Mitchell. Ron Howard is also on the team. (No, not THAT Ron Howard – the NBDL Co-MVP Ron Howard).

But who are we kidding, we only care about our Pelicans and how guys like Russ Smith, Jeff Withey, and Patric Young fair against the collection of D-Leaguers. Bryan Gates has said that this Summer League will be all about Jeff Withey, so look for him to get the ball early and often. Also, watch out for our wings. It is possible that there is a position on the regular season roster up for grabs, so let’s see who stands out. And while we all love offense, pay close attention to Patric Young defensively, both on and off the ball.

Other Notes

– Starting lineup will be: Russ Smith, Josh Carter, Josh Howard, James Southerland, and Jeff Withey

– Any guy on this select team can be offered a training camp spot with the Pelicans. So don’t only watch our SF’s, take a look at their wings as well.

– If you missed this Summer League Preview and What To Watch For post about summer league, read it now.

– Check out SL Head Coach Bryan Gates after practice on Wednesday.

– Reminder: Luke Babbitt will not be on the team despite being listed initially. In all likelihood he will be traded on Sunday and that is the reason why. Meanwhile, Onuaku is back!!

– Game is at 9:30 Central. For $15, you can get all the SL games here. Or just wait for them to play on NBATV.

– Here is the full Select Team Roster




12 responses to “Game On: New Orleans Pelicans vs. D-League Select”

  1. LeBron finally made his decision. . . and the crazy free agent feeding frenzy can now begin!  This is when Dealer Dell thrives.

  2. Will be waiting for NBATV broadcast at 5am.  Probably just watch when I wake up. Until then will be avoiding all email/websites.
    BTW, don’t let haters get you down, Mr. McNamara.  You do damn fine work.

  3. nolahog Maybe now we’ll get something extra from Houston, considering they’re trying to get Bosh.

  4. Doggon it Mike, why did you delete your twitter account?!!!  Miss your commentary, but Mason has been doing an excellent job keeping everyone informed.  BSS is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just got home from the bar, turned on ESPN3, and watched the last 5 minutes of the game. . . I was very pleased.

    Russ Smith and Jeff Withey.  Bring the pain!

  6. Watched almost the whole thing…Pels fall behind early and get down by 10…stays that way the rest of the game… Pels down by 17 with about four minutes left in the game and go on an 18-0 run to take the lead by 1 on a 3 courtesy Smith assist with about 24 sec left…opponent scores on putback as goal is left open when Withey leaves to go help defend a shot…Pels come down and Russdiculous Smith drives the lane as he had done a lot in 2nd half and kicks it out perfectly to wide open Carter who nails a 3 for the win!!! Smith finishes with 20 I think… Patrick Young fishes with 12-13 boards and remember they only play 10min quarters!

  7. Caffeinedisaster Looks like Bosh stays in Miami for a max deal.

  8. DLeague All Stars were nailing three’s all game…Mitchell and Ebanks looked really smooth against us…very athletic guys who can move and score…might be SF’s???  That comeback was really unbelievable…but the hectic, frenetic nature of Russdiculous got it going when he stole the ball from the point guard who fell down and took it in for a layup…seemed to spark the rest of the guys as they all started flying around getting steals, stops, shot blocks, etc.

  9. nolahog Me too!  You could tell in his comments that Pitino trained him well…was talking about what he saw different on the court while watching earlier games that day in reference to at what point on the court he would come free on pick and rolls and how that was different than in college…not a dummy…by the way I heard them say that Patric Young was on the all academic team or something at Florida…both happen to be 4yr seniors

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