New Orleans Pelicans Draft Day Live

Published: June 26, 2014

Update (5:40 CST)



Again, makes sense. Anderson, Rivers, or Gordon got to go and Gordon is probably impossible to move.


Update (9:50 CST)

This passes the smell test. In fact, if Pels involve a few more pieces like Ely, Babbit, and Ajinca, they can make this a three way deal that would allow them to keep Bird Rights on their free agents, allow them to keep Withey, and allow them to use both the MLE and the BAE – something that would not be possible if they just dumped Rivers and absorbed Asik into cap space.
Stay tuned.


Today is draft day, and even though the Pelicans don’t have a pick currently, another shoe will drop following last nights Asik trade. As I wrote here, the Pelicans can not absorb Asik’s deal without sending out one of their six big contracts. Logically, either Austin Rivers, Eric Gordon, or Ryan Anderson will be on their way out to clear some space, and today would be the most likely day to see one of them moved, as the Pelicans have to clad some space before the NBA moratorium ends on July 8th.  We will keep you updated throughout the day here with any breaking news and rumors. For now, feel free to take a look at some pieces that we have done in preparation for this day.


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Stay Tuned Throughout the Day for more, and of course, expect full breakdowns on anything and everything the Pelicans do tonight as soon as humanly possible.



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