In the NO Podcast Episode 181: The Off-season looms

The Finals are about to start, but the Pelicans beaks are turned towards the off-season, so Michael and I start talking off-season! We talk the Mid-Level Tournament, our wishlists for TYPES of players we’d most like to see join the squad, and who terrifies us the most from the list of players. We also hit on what players we’d be willing to clean out our depth to try to acquire, and discuss what we think Dell might do.

Also – Ryan Anderson, whether Tyreke would fit into the finals, and Spurs or Heat?

Enjoy the Podcast!

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9 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 181: The Off-season looms”

  1. Assuming we don’t make a splash trade for a big, I want Jordan Hill. Put him next to Davis next year and he’s going to be a double-double machine. Guaranteed to get you 10+ boards as a starter and probably 10-12 ppg, on the low end, without actually needing touches. He’s a dirty work guy. He played really well this year when given the chance, but he just didn’t fit D’antoni’s system. 
    He shouldn’t be too expensive and would allow us to maybe go the trade route to find a SF that can actually knock down a shot. Washington has a logjam at the 3 and it seems Webster might be the odd man out. He’d be an ok fit.

  2. Gordon for Hibbert?  the contracts work.  I’m sure Pelicans would do it.  For Indiana, you need more offense, he’s from Indianapolis so maybe that would revive his career.  What do you think?

  3. nin10doe I like Hill as well.
    As far as Washington goes, Porter is the odd man out @ the 3.

  4. I love waking up on a Monday morning knowing I’ll be listening to In the NO on my way to work.  Great Podcast.

  5. kwilly Indy would have to have line of sight to a new Center for their team.  Also, I don’t think Hibbert’s stock is as low as Gordon’s.

  6. kwilly To me the more realistic trade is something like this:
    Denver gets: Lance, Copeland, and Ajinca
    Indy gets: Gordon
    Pels get: McGee
    Brian Shaw has a good relationship with Lance and can control him. Indy gets rid of a headache and maybe Gordon is happy to play again back home. 
    Hibbert for Gordon just doesn’t make sense for them because it basically becomes a 2 for 1, because you lose Lance too

  7. Michael McNamara kwilly I have always liked  McGee’s game…he’s a little goofy but freakishly athletic and with Monty’s development of bigs,  I think he could be valuable to us.  Ajinca would work for Denver too.  I don’t see Indy bringing Lance back and don’t we have a former Pelicans employee in the Denver front office, who might be willing to work with us?  Indy would revive Gordon’s career and a change of scenery would do him good and it definitely wouldn’t offend Pelicans fans not to have him on the team.

  8. Michael McNamara I just saw that the pistons hired Mr. Bower so do you think this will give us any better chance at Greg Monroe.

  9. Michael McNamara kwilly
    McGee is a risk.. but with a chance for a really really great BLCOK PARTY tandem!

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