Short Handed Pelicans Destroyed by Red Hot Spurs

Published: March 29, 2014

Most have us grew up fascinated with the tale of ‘David and Goliath.’ The world felt enormous when you were growing up and there was no better feeling than knowing that, if push came to shove, maybe you could take down giants fifty times your size like David did if ever forced to. It’s a great story, and every once in a while David does win, but as you get older you quickly realize that this story is the exception. Goliath crushing David is the rule, and the rule proved true tonight.

The Pelicans went into this game missing 80 points, as Davis, Anderson, Holiday, Smith, and Gordon did not play. On top of that, Brian Roberts was limited and they were playing the hottest team in the NBA – a San Antonio Spurs team that has now won 17 in a row. This is a team that is incredibly difficult to beat when you have a fully healthy squad; missing this many guys, it was nearly impossible.

The game played out as you would assume. The Pelicans fell down by twenty plus in the first half, made a little run in the third, and then eventually lost 96-80. Honestly, the only goal I had for this team going in was for them to leave with no new injuries. Mission accomplished! Always look to the bright side.

Notes and Observations

– The Spurs treated Tyreke like they treated Lebron back in the ’06 Finals – basically just sagged off him and had a big waiting in the paint for him as defenders stuck to shooters. There was nowhere for him to go tonight and the result was Tyreke’s worst stat line of the month. 4-13, 11 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 5 turnovers.

Am I worried? Only if Tyreke is going to play a lot of games with Aminu, Stiemsma, and Ajinca starting along side him in the front court next season.

– Both Austin Rivers and Brian Roberts provided a spark as part of a second unit that kept this game respectable. They combined for 34 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, and just one turnover. There is a chance that this could be the backup guard duo next year, and if it is, I would have no complaints. They really play well together.

– I had a conversation with a Twitter follower before the game and we almost had a friendly wager based off of one question: Ajinca and Stiemsma – do they finish with more points or fouls? Unfortunately we both agreed so there was no bet to be made, and we were right – 4 combined points, 8 combined fouls.

– Jeff Withey put up decent numbers tonight 7 points on 2 shots – but I have seen him do this before in garbage minutes. He has been terrible this month when it actually matters, so I am not going to get excited just yet.

– When Babbitt stopped pump faking and started catching and shooting, the offense got respectable for a few minutes. He was 2-2 from deep, but again fell in love with the pump fake and drive to the bucket. Ryno would just shoot it over defenders. That’s the big difference in the two players offensively.

– Morrow wasn’t hitting early and with the game out of hand, Monty decided to give the minutes to Roberts and Rivers late. Save it for Monday A-Mo.

– Speaking of Monday, here’s hoping that the Pelicans get some firepower back as the Kings come to town. A win would give the Pels 21 home wins on the season, guaranteeing a winning record at home. Not bad for such an injury riddled season. Then, it’s a West Coast road trip, followed by a brutal final four games. Here’s hoping we see AD again soon.


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