Game On: Pelicans @ Timberwolves

Published: January 29, 2014

The focus could be on the New Orleans Pelicans attempting to win four straight games. I say could be because (as I said yesterday) this is all about Anthony Davis right now with his two dominant performances on both ends of the court. Tonight, against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Davis will have a a slightly tougher challenge going against Kevin Love. But if Davis has another monstar game against one of the league’s dominant big men? I mean, are there even words? (Yes, there are words, but I’ll let you fill them in yourselves.)

As for players not named Davis, the Pelicans are also catching their third straight injury break with Nikola Pekovic out of tonight’s contest and Ronnie Turiaf filling in. This should open up room for Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans, et all to drive to the rim. Expect Ricky Rubio to perform similarly to Kyrie Irving last night. With Jrue Holiday still sidelined the Pelicans could struggle to keep him in check–though Austin Rivers has been playing some nice defense recently and could slow him down a few times. Last night’s win was a great overall team performance anchored by the two best healthiest players. Which is as it should be. This is the Pelicans’ third attempt to win four straight; maybe Davis will be the charm that gets it.

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