Game On: Pelicans @ Grizzlies

Playing the Grizzlies used to be a good matchup for the Pelicans.  Davis could out-quick both Gasol and Randolph.  Jason Smith and Ryan Anderson were both shooters that would make one of those two guys chase them where they didn’t want to go.  Jrue Holiday could match Mike Conley.  Tony Allen could only guard one of Evans or Gordon.  The result was a nice matchup.

With the injuries, the only matchup advantage that remains is Anthony Davis.  Conley can take Gordon.  Allen takes Evans.  Sigh.

The Pelicans also get the Grizzlies going the opposite direction that the Pelicans are going, as the Grizzlies have won five in a row.  The good news is while the Grizzlies have been resurgent, they have not been dominant, winning those five games by an average of 4 points.  They are playing better, but they can still be had by determined effort.  So the Pelicans need to put forth that effort tonight if they want to end an eight-game losing skid.

Keys to the Game

  • DO NOT FOUL.  The Grizzlies draw one of the lowest number of fouls of any team in the league.  The Pelicans give up the third highest number of fouls per game.  If the Pelicans can’t control themselves from fouling this team, then there is no hope.  You can’t give a team like the Grizzlies, which struggles to score easy points, lots of points.  Or you lose.
  • Focus on the defensive glass.  The Grizzlies rely on easy points from putbacks because their shooting is so weak.  They crash the offensive glass hard.  The Pelicans have to battle under there.  If they can.
  • Run the offense through Davis.  He should be able to score on these guys.  Put him to the test and get him the ball.  Oh, and use Darius Miller for the entry passes.  Because he, you know, passes.

Early game tonight!  Enjoy it!


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  1. if monty can play miller is off nd figured out wen gordon goes cold nd play him less den give rivers a green light to make bad shots let him regain his confidence

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