Game On: Half-a-Pelican vs the Mavericks

Published: January 11, 2014

The Finishing Five of the Pelicans have been amazing this year.  Per 48 minutes, they outscore opponents by 8.4 points per game, relying on a blistering offense that is nearly impossible to contain.  Of course, they’ve managed to be together for 91 minutes this season.

Tonight, the Pelicans get to fly to Dallas to face a team that blew them out yesterday and they have been reduced the 2.5 members of the Finishing Five with Tyreke Evans struggling after re-tweaking his ankle.

We can blame that – or we can be real.

This team is awful defensively.  The finishing five are awful defensively.  Other teams run their plays and while the Pelicans may stop option one, (maybe) then they just have to continue their play to option two – and that results in an open shot.  In the rare case it doesn’t, option three will definitely be open.  This team doesn’t have any options right now.  Their offensive firepower is so thin on the ground at this point if they want to win a game, they HAVE to play better defense, because they couldn’t outshoot an squad of Imperial Stormtroopers.

It’s that simple.

Keys to the Game

  • Don’t double Dirk.   Really.  Let Anthony Davis take him – or Aminu, and let him do his thing.  Doubling him is not going to bother his shot because he’s too tall.  His team is disciplined and always has to outlet options if he’s doubled, and he’ll pass freely if you double, and the Pelicans rotations suck.  Don’t force a situation yourself where you have to rely on them.   Lastly, the chance the Pelicans will get a turnover is almost nil, because Dirk is one of the best at not losing the ball.   So doubling Dirk puts the team in a vulnerable situation and will not result in turnovers or missed shots.  Don’t do it!
  • Focus on the glass.  This team has been being killed on the defensive glass for three straight weeks.  The team needs to re-commit to getting rebounds.
  • Run four out of five plays with Eric Gordon as the focal scorer.  He’s the best creative weapon the team has now bar none.  If four plays finish and Eric Gordon hasn’t touched the ball, call timeout and remind everyone that Eric Gordon needs the god damn ball in his hands.

Enjoy the game!


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