Jrue Holiday Out Indefinitely with Stress Fracture in Right Tibia

Published: January 10, 2014

Per the team:

The New Orleans Pelicans announced today that Jrue Holiday has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in his right tibia. He is out indefinitely.

We’ll have more on this (and the other injuries) once the dust settles, but his last 4 games have produced single digit scoring (4, 8, 4, 8 . . . 6 point average) compared to his season average of 14.3 points per game. He had only 3 single digit efforts prior to this stretch (3, 3, 7). Perhaps this is why, as opposed to, say, him forgetting how to play basketball. A stress fracture, after all, is not the result of trauma (like a typical break), so much as repetitive over-stressing. It occurs over time, not at a time.

For reference, the tibia is the anterior of the two bones forming the length of the lower leg . . . the shin bone. The fracture is in the shin portion of the bone.

Best to Jrue, the Pelicans, and all the fans out there. Things just got rough. The team will be worse. I suggest you make the most of it.

More to come.


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