Trew 2 the Game #26: Quick Holiday Hits

Published: December 24, 2013

It’s holiday time and the Bourbon Street Shots office was given a few days off – but I felt guilty. I wanted to keep the 26-week streak going and I wanted any Pelicans fans who were thirsty for any sort of Pelicans information to be quenched. So I’m here with some quick Holiday Hits, to keep you a little more entertained as you take an extra long break from family dinner to check on your favorite Pelicans website.

Holiday Hit #1: Pelicans on Christmas Day
Looking at the slate of games on deck for tomorrow, it’s easy to scratch your head. Sure, the schedule machine at the NBA offices had no idea how blah these games would be when they first scheduled them so we shouldn’t blame them. We can be upset though that one of the league’s most exciting players (Anthony Davis) isn’t being showcased on National TV enough and Christmas Day games are a great way to satisfy that craving. Here’s to Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans being a staple on Christmas Day starting in 2014.

Holiday Hit #2: Good on you, Tyreke Evans
You won that game for the Pelicans last night. You are so much fun to watch when you are on and we are excited about the possibility about you being on from here on out. We’re not the only one. (Thanks, Team Ziller. You just earned yourself a seat at the All-Star Weekend Champagne Party Bash Celebration that I’m throwing for all the national writers who say sweet things about Crescent City Basketball.

P.S. The Kings played one of those “Thank You” videos for Tyreke last night but I can’t find it for the life of me. If you find it, holler at me on Twitter?

P.P.S. I’m happy for Shaqramento, but still wish he was part owner of the Pelicans. There, I said it.

Holiday Hit #3: Sell out the Arena this Friday
Let’s give something back to the team this weekend? After a long road trip it sure would be nice to welcome the #BirdGang back into the Arena with a loud horde of Pelicans fans. It’s a holiday week so scoop up your weird cousins, your trash-talking uncle and that cute boy/girl who lives next door and bring them to the hive nest/dock.

Before you head to the Arena, hit up Little Gem Saloon where yours truly will be hosting a pre-Pelicans game party and podcast recording. 5:30p at Poydras and Rampart!

Holiday Hit #4: Gifts for the Pelicans
Let’s say you have an unlimited budget and the ability to give physical traits as gifts. Pick a player on the Pelicans and let us know in the comments what they are getting from you tomorrow morning.

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Chris Trew is a comedian and die-hard New Orleans sports fan. Every Tuesday he writes Trew 2 the Game columns and drops a brand new podcast on It’s New Orleans

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