In the NO Podcast Episode 163: Gordon Vs Evans

Published: December 18, 2013

In our first non-mini Mini podcast, Michael and I break down Evans versus Gordon in a battle royale! Who goes, who stays, who is better at help defense? Who is better coming off screens? Who does Michael think has a higher ceiling?

It’s all Pelicans Shooting Guards, all the time! Except for Austin Rivers. Poor guy always gets left out.

Give us a call to sound off! 504-322-3333.

Enjoy the Podcast!

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I gather the episode was recorded earlier because I didn't get to hear Schwan try to pronounce the new signing.




WHY would you say that about Gordon being the only healthy player for the whole season given the injury history of this team?

I sincerely hope you knocked on wood.

Also, it's nice to have more than one podcast a week.  Thanks.