First All-Star Game Voting Returns

Published: December 18, 2013

2014 NBA All-Star Game Voting Returns

Last Thursday, the NBA released the first results for All-Star voting. LeBron James predictably led all players with 609,336 votes, while Kevin Durant came in second with just over 607, 000 votes. The full results of the early voting can be found here.

Pelicans Perspective 

The only Pelican to show up in the report was Anthony Davis with 149,579 votes. That was good enough for him to come in at 6th place among Western Conference Frontcourt players. Frankly, I’m actually pleased with that result. It may be a bit disappointing that none of our guards made it in the top 10, but this is the Western Conference. There is a lot of talent to choose from. I also imagine that as Jrue’s play improved so did his voting numbers.

It isn’t all good news for the Pelicans, though. There are some serious fan favorites and big names blocking Davis from the starting line up. Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, and Tim Duncan were all ahead of Davis. Honestly, it will be hard for him to get a starting spot, and there is no guarantee that the coaches will vote in a second year player over an older veteran they feel is more deserving.

The Bottom Line 

Early voting results always start the same controversies and conversations. Basically, they are all about who deserves to be there and who doesn’t.  There were certainly a few head scratchers like Kobe Bryant coming in third among all players. I know it is easy to get frustrated and call your fellow fans stupid or homers, but that is just it. This game is for the fans. It is our opportunity to see the players we want to see.

It is very possible that we don’t see a Pelican’s player in the All-Star game, unless enough coaches are convinced to vote for Anthony Davis. Granted, our players will be involved in the weekend’s festivities. I’m sure Davis will be in the rookie vs. sophomore game. Ryno might be back in the 3 point contest, and maybe Jrue will do the skills challenge. Nevertheless, the All-Star game is the main event, and it would be better with a Pelican.

Having said that, allow me to sound like a broken record one more time. Vote for Anthony Davis.  Vote for him enough times that he can edge out the guys in mega markets like California and Texas for a starting spot. I know he is injured, but I don’t care. We all know he deserves it, and the franchise needs him to better there to represent the city and team well. Go vote!


Kobe does not belong in the All-Star game this year PERIOD.

Something needs to be done to limit the fan input.  It's getting ridiculous when all of these injured guys get voted into the starting lineup.

Also, voting needs to start later.


@Caffeinedisaster it's a fan game - why would you limit their voice? It sucks when Yao Ming was getting voted in without playing a minute, but there's the All-NBA team for who deserves it. Same thing for Pro-Bowl versus All-Pro. 


@bobmurrell @Caffeinedisaster I'm not saying we take away the fans' voice entirely, just quiet them down as far as larger market fanbases are concerned.

Popularity contests don't necessarily reflect the players whose performances should enable them to be called "All Star".


@Caffeinedisaster @bobmurrell I think you could do a split between fans, coaches, and players or media for the starters. I think the NFL used to do something similar with the Pro Bowl, but I'm not sure they still do with all the changes. 

Fans' voices are still heard, but they aren't as loud. The great thing is most fans won't even notice.