Game On: Pelicans @ Nuggets

Published: December 15, 2013

The New Orleans Pelicans embark on a five game road trip tonight as they face off against the Denver Nuggets in Colorado. The Pelicans have been playing surprisingly competitive basketball since the Anthony Davis injury due to multiple role players stepping up their game. Tonight for the team to get a win against the Nuggets that same effort will be needed. The good news is that the Pelicans should be able to get it done.

Denver defens the three point line well but Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson should let it fly from deep because the Pelicans should clean up on the offensive glass.¬†Without JaVale McGee, Denver is a poor defensive rebounding team and should allow guys like Aminu and Smith to grab misses and score on easy put backs. Aminu’s inconsistency has bugged Monty Williams all season long and so he needs to seize this opportunity to show how much of an important contributor he is. Focus less on mid range jumpers and instead crash the glass, grab the rebound and, if the look close isn’t there, kick the ball back out and restart the offense–no forcing looks tonight.

Tyreke Evans wants to play but is expected to be held out tonight. Austin Rivers will receive the majority of those minutes and he absolutely needs to simply play well tonight. He struggles making layups and finishing inside so tonight I just want him to play smart basketball. Look to make an extra pass, or shoot the corner three and help space the offense. That will be enough to solidify consistent minutes from Monty going forward.

Enjoy the Saints tonight and hopefully a Pelicans’ win. Let us know your predictions in the comments!

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