Lakers Wax Pelicans

Published: November 13, 2013

What’s scarier than Pierre the Pelican? The Pelican team performance versus the Lakers tonight.


It’s hard to even start recapping a game in which we played so poorly. Simply put, there is so much to fix that I don’t even know where to start. Let me start by reiterating that this is not a good Lakers team. They are a poor squad and just beat us 116-95. It wasn’t a fluke.. they simply outplayed us.

Here are some notes regarding tonight and this team’s issues.

1. 3 pointers are worth more than 2 pointers. The Pelicans made their first 3 with about 3 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. When you’re on the road and coming back from behind, you simply must hit 3 pointers. An offense based off of mid-range jumpers just doesn’t work, and our somewhat hot jump shooting streak to start the game was just setting us up for failure (we were taking long 2 after long 2). And on defense, you can’t leave to double in the post when your man is one pass away and a good shooter.

2. Steve Blake absolutely killed us. He was flying around the floor, forcing help, and hitting open men. We had no answer for him tonight.

3. I was incredulous for much of the game.. there were plays that looked like the Pelicans players were playing their first time together. No practice, no preseason, nothing. Passes hitting off of each other’s hands, passes to people that weren’t there.. it was so ugly.

4. There is a general lackadaisical attitude surrounding this team at times.

Individual Notes

Austin Rivers, Jeff Withey, and Lou Amundson got some run in today’s game, with Lou Amundson somehow mustering a +10 in his minutes on the floor. The reserves did an okay job tonight, but they were busting their butts out there, and I appreciated it.

Eric Gordon had some great and terrible plays tonight, but he seems to be the only Pelicans guard who can get to the rim.

Anthony Davis had one of his quieter nights, playing only 26 minutes in the game and putting up a very modest statline given his recent performances.

Greg Stiemsma went down with an injury early in the game and did not return. Reports are saying that he hurt his knee.





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