Horns Set: Tyreke Time

Published: October 31, 2013

In the last preseason game, I noticed an odd wrinkle in the Horns Set. As Jake has already mentioned, Horns is a staple of Monty’s offense. Last year, Monty ran almost every Horns set with two bigs at the elbows. In Tyreke’s first game since his injury, Monty ran a version of Horns with Tyreke and Jason Smith at the elbows. Here’s how the play went down.


Reke 1

1.  Here, you’ll notice that Tyreke and Jason Smith are at the elbows and Morrow and Ryno are about to occupy the corners. Roberts is about to feed Tyreke and cut into the paint.


2. Tyreke has now caught the ball and faced up. Roberts has made his way into the lane. At this point, the play has not developed, but in certain situations, don’t be surprised to see Tyreke immediately drive if he thinks he can get to the rim.


3. Roberts sets a screen on Ryno’s man. Ryno is about to move to the block on the opposite side of the floor. These kinds of screens from the guard can help a big man (in this case, Ryno) establish low post position, as they allow him to gain a step or two on the man guarding him.

Immediately after setting a screen for Ryno, Brian Roberts comes off of a Smith screen, and depending on how Roberts’ man guards him, he can choose to either pop out for a jumper or curl to the rim.


4. Tyreke looks to feed Anderson early. Smith’s man is helping off of him to deny the pass to Ryno, but will soon leave him to get back to Smith.

Reke 5

5. At this point, most of the hard work is done. Anderson has now caught the ball with good post position. Tyreke’s man must choose between leaving Ryno 1 v 1 and leaving Evans wide open at the 3 point line. He fakes help and sticks with Evans, which leaves Ryno 1 v 1 on the block.


6. Ryno chooses to do a stepback jumper, which he drills.


This is a set I expect to see plenty of as the season progresses. This particular lineup is loaded with players who can spot up and shoot, and there are plenty of wrinkles Monty can choose to throw in.



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