In the NO Podcast Episode 153: Western Conference Preview, Part 2!

Michael and I break down the teams they predict will finish at the top of the Western Conference and out of the playoff picture. Where will the Pelicans land? Who will be the top seed? Tune in!

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Enjoy the Podcast!

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3 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 153: Western Conference Preview, Part 2!”

  1. 1. spurs 2. rockets 3. clippers 4. twolves 5. thunder 6. warriors 7. pellies 8. grizzlies 9. nuggets 10. mavs 11. blazers 12. kings 13. lakers 14. jazz 15. suns

  2. Nice as always
    1.Spurs  2.Clippers  3.Warriors  4.Rockets  5.Grizzlies  6.Thunder  7.Pelicans  8.Portland  9.T-Wolves  10.Nuggets  11.Mavs  12.Lakers  13.Kings  14.Suns  15.Jazz
    Warriors will miss Jack and Landry but Barnes and Thompson will step up and Iguodala will help them make the leap this year.  Thunder will really miss Westbrook and Pelicans Clippers first round..  with Clippers winning in 6.  Can’t wait to see how it really plays out

  3. 1.) Spurs
     2.) Thunder
     3.) Rockets
     4.) Clippers
     5.) Warriors
     6.) Grizzlies
     7.) Pelicans
     8.) T-Wolves
     9.) Nuggets
    10.) Blazers
    11.) Mavericks
    12.) Lakers
    13.) Kings
    14.) Jazz
    15.) Suns

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