New Orleans Pelicans Launch Junior Training Camp Program

Published: October 21, 2013

Today, the New Orleans Pelicans announced the Launch of the Pelicans Junior Training Camp Program. The program is focused on helping students in the Gulf Coast region live healthy and active lifestyles in an effort to end childhood obesity and to prevent Louisiana youth from starting the use tobacco products.

Ryan Anderson, who is a member of the NBA’s FIT team (though he is not listed on the website at the time of publication), is the spokesman for the program. Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday, Greg Stiemsma, and Jeff Withey will support the Junior Training Camp program, as well.

The program is sponsored by the Ochsner Health System, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, and the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living.

These training camp events will run twice per week and should read up to 150 students per event. Therefore, several thousand students should be involved each season.

This event was staffed by volunteers and Pelicans employees, was hosted by Sean Kelley, and featured the players noted above. Each event should follow a similar structure.

Sean Kelley kicked off the event and gave a short, fun information session to students before introducing the players. Ryan Anderson gave a second information session. Then, the gathered the students into groups, did some warmups, then dispersed them into groups to participate at each activity station. The groups rotated after several minutes so each group got to do each activity. The activities included a basketball skills challenge, agility tests, bounce pass challenge, wingspan measurement, and photos with Pelicans Dance Team members. Some students chatted with players, as well.


  • Davis got the biggest crowd reaction, but Holiday did a good job of working the room.
  • Some students and staff were wearing unibrows.
  • Ryan Anderson often cooks at home make his diet healthy, but he will treat himself to a big meal or a bread pudding here and there.
  • Jrue Holiday said Davis will be an All-Star and works like he wants to be the best player in the NBA.

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Setting up for the activities:

The shoe station:

Anderson addressing the students:

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