Trew 2 the Game #12: Next Door Neighbors

Published: September 17, 2013

The New Orleans Saints return to New Orleans this weekend for the second home game of the season. Over 72,000 sports fans in one place. One place that happens to sit next door to the Pelicans crib, the soon-to-be somewhat renovated New Orleans Arena. Since the teams share a Daddy, there should be a lot of cross-marketing, right? A perceptive Saints fan should consider starting a conversation about the Pelicans while sitting in the Dome. A semi-perceptive Saints fan should at least have the word Pelicans on his mind at some point. A Saints fan wearing a blindfold and ear muffs should feel the presence of the Pels.

At the Falcons game Al-Farouq-Aminu and Lance Thomas signed autographs outside of the Superdome and there was general Pelicans information occasionally on the ribbon displays. There’s gotta be more creative ways to merge the two and I’ve got some ideas.

As always, Mr. Benson, these ideas are free. In return just throw a pair of court side seats at me on occasion. Would also accept loge seats or a chance to perform my Giant Bowl of Jambalaya Halftime Show. Oh, also, I’ve been on the Saints season ticket waiting list since 2006. Help me with that as well, please.

Change the Lightpost Banners
The lightpost banners outside the Arena need to be changed from the fleur-de-bee to the fleur-de-P. Thousands of people use the exit directing them towards the Arena on the way out of the game so it’s entirely possible that thousands of people noticed a hole in the rebrand. Sure, you can’t help people wearing Hornets gear or some “I’m In” stickers still clinging onto storefronts but you should control what you can and there’s a lot of banners that still say Hornets sitting between the Superdome and the Arena. Maybe you’re waiting on sponsorships to come in or maybe the renovation is using all the ladders. But this is a missed opportunity and I’ve got some ladders you can borrow if you need them.


Anthony Davis leads the Who Dat chant
For the unaware, before every game an important member of the Saints organization walks to the middle of the field, raises a hand then drops it. The result is everyone in the Dome screaming “Who Dat! Who Dat! Who Dat say they gonna beat dem Saints!” a couple of times. The players have done it, Sean Payton has done it, Steve Gleason has done it. I’d like to see the heartbeat of the Pelicans do it as well. The exposure for AD to New Orleans football fans would be tremendous. He would probably have such a great time that he would immediately sign a contract extension.

Personal Message from Tom Benson
Whether it’s a pre-recorded video message or the man himself with a microphone in one hand and an umbrella in the other, some words from Lord Benson about his recent acquisition would get fans fired up. There’s a connection between Saints fans and the Saints owner. There’s a connection between Pelicans fans and the Pelicans owner. The more Who Dat Nation hears those Pelican-based words from Tom Benson, the shorter the distance between the two teams becomes.

Got some ideas? Leave them in the comments!

Chris Trew is a New Orleans based comedian who performs regular at The New Movement in the Marigny Triangle. He also teaches Austin Improv Classes and New Orleans Improv Classes. Trew 2 the Game is every Tuesday exclusively at Bourbon Street Shots. 


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