In the NO Podcast Episode 145: The Pelicans doing their Summer Thang

Published: August 8, 2013

Michael and I get together to cover everything that’s happened over the last month. The Team USA game, articles bashing the Pelicans summer haul, The Greg Oden chase. Remaining roster holes. Estimating a floor/ceiling for the team. The biggest unknowns left for the squad.


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We talk about Austin Rivers being our most improved player this year but I really think its going to be Aminu. We've been asking him to do too much for the past two years, but this year we dont need him to do much of anything offensively besides cut and rebound.

If he could instead use nearly all of his focus on developing as a defender, he has all the potential to become elite in that area. He could give nearly all SFs in the league fits both defensively and on the glass, and slower PFs would also stuggle with his quickness.

If he could give us 10 rebounds a block and 1.5 steals in about 25 minutes per game at SF/PF while providing good defense, which I think is definitely in reach if he develops a little bit, I think he could be very key to this team making the playoffs and maybe even advancing to the 2nd round if thing fall in to place


I have an idea for ceiling/floor predictions:  do it by place in the Western Conference.  That's what really counts now.  Record only matters if it predicts finish in Conference: so I say just go to finish in Conference.

Assuming all teams are healthy, I say there are about 7 teams we will likely not finish above in the Western Conference in 2013-2014:  Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Houston, Memphis, LA Clippers, Denver, and Golden State.  (I get that Golden State could have injury issues and Denver won't be as good as last year, but I still see it this way.)

Again, assuming all teams are equally healthy, I say there are 4-5 teams on the next level:  the Pelicans, Minnesota, Portland, Dallas, and possibly the LA Lakers.  (I see the first four in that group being equal, which is a compliment to the Pelicans, who finished behind the other three last year.)  The rest of the teams in the Western Conference are clearly worse than the Pelicans, unless a disaster hit the Pelicans and not those teams.

So right now I see us finishing between 8th (maybe 7th if we are lucky) and 11th.  (I am counting on the Lakers being last in that group of 5.)  There is some room for movement in the group of four teams as we get closer to the start of the season, but 8th(7th) and 11th are my ceiling and floor today.


Honestly I don't think the front office put that much thought into the name. I think Benson took the name he already had the rights to and ran with it. The jersey's are growing on me though.


beno udrih signed with NYK MM :(

Michael McNamara
Michael McNamara moderator

@wagman0650 Yeah, we did this podcast on Wednesday, before that happened. 

Like I said, he was the best of all the poor options. No real loss. Great offseason