Sharp Dressed Men

Published: July 30, 2013

Clean shirt, new shoes
And I don’t know where I am goin’ to.
Silk suit,black tie,
I don’t need a reason why.
They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
Coz’ every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.

— ZZ Top, Sharp Dressed Man

New Orleans Pelicans News

Three members of the New Orleans Pelicans were on the Team USA Squads that held a Showcase game in Las Vegas on Thursday: Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday, and Ryan Anderson. Anderson and Holiday were on the White team, logging around 27 minutes and 13 minutes, respectively, while Davis was played 27 minutes for the losing Blue team, 128-106.

This showcase did not feature the full fledged Team USA roster in any capacity, as key players are missing and there were just too many there to fill be used on one team. Rather, this is one step in a series of building the team. The next real step is a selection of 25 – 28 players in January that will comprise the pool of Team USA players.

Also, reports are that Pierre Jackson will serve as a “Eurostash” for the Pelicans. As a second round draft selection, he can not sign with the Pelicans and play in Europe. The Pelicans would retain his rights, so no other NBA team could sign him while he gets playing time overseas rather than get the majority of his development in practices with the Pelicans. He will not count against the salary cap while overseas, and the Pelicans would be well-served to make sure any buyout in his contract

The club he is reportedly signing with is ASVEL, a team in France that is partially owned by San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker. The team begins play in October.

Lastly, Jrue Holiday indicated the Pelicans’ jerseys would be revealed Thursday. Time will tell.

Around Bourbon Street Shots

Chris Trew’s weekly installment of Trew to the Game brought polls about teams roles, attendance, and player toughness.

James Grayson looking at playoff contention possibility.

`Voices’ of the People

Nice voodoo reference! And are we getting ready to roll up a character with those D&D dice?! Anderson = Monk, Smith = Paladin, Davis…big a** Mage? Not seeing any Barbarians unless Brockman makes the team.


Did everyone take vacation at the same time? No new articles in a week. I need some new content.


42 Sense

The reported Eurostash Pierre Jackson tactic is solid one, and it’s just another sign that the organization really is doing what it can to build an organization that can stand the test of time. This makes it the latest in a long line of moves that make it difficult for me to hold my tongue when I read and hear nonsense like the Pelicans are “win now” mode . . . as if this is a bad thing . . . as if winning now precludes winning later . . . and on, and on.

First of all, winning what? Games? Did that last season. Many games? Some undisclosed number of games some writer or fan deems `acceptable’ but somehow unable to be uttered in their rant? (I think 57 is win total that should be meaningful, so I’ll take that out-of-reach one).

Or maybe it’s a title? So you think this team can win a title? You think anyone thinks that? C’mon, dude. That’s just silly.

I think “win now” mode means one of a few things.

It could mean: I fear these moves are both more hope than strategy and also financially crippling. I don’t see any of the Pelicans’ moves this offseason, even a potential Oden signing. The Eric Gordon signing had more of that character, and it was in no way a “win now” move.

It could mean: I really don’t watch sports in New Orleans, but when I do, I bash them lightly just on general principle. Yeah, this is possible.

It could mean: The recent moves seem stupid. Yeah, this is possible. It’s also possible that the team will continue to churn, perhaps at a lower rate, in an attempt to continue to improve.

I’m sure there are other possibilities, as well, but I fail to see how any I can think of apply, at least in some bad way. Every team has limited resources, some more limited than others, which requires a business cycle of sorts. All teams (Hey, Lakers!). Acting as if those low points are avoidable categorically is foolish, and to denigrate a team in such an empty-headed way is irresponsible.

The Pelicans can be accused of a number of things, taking risks being the prime candidate that jumps to mind. But you always take chances to win a title. It always requires calculated risk, and not every “Ambush” is coming out of halftime at the Super Bowl.

Sometimes they are signings of free agent that is viewed as damaged goods. Sometimes it’s catering to high profile player with well-documented distraction issues. Sometimes it’s finding a way to develop talent others overlook.

And it all comes together in a Lombardi trophy.

Oh, did you think that was about the Pelicans? I suppose it applies since, you know, it does, and the same guys are pulling the strings.


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