New Orleans Pelicans Announce The Arrival Of Tyreke Evans

Published: July 11, 2013

Today the New Orleans Pelicans announced the arrival of their newest player Tyreke Evans.

Announcement Highlights.

  • Monty says that Tyreke was one of the guys that when he went up against scared him.  He says he could never figure out how to stop him from getting to the basket, knocking down big shots, and stealing the ball, but there are some things Monty says he has to help Evans with such as weak side defense, getting in his stance.
  • Dell states that Tyreke was his “Plan A” this off season.
  • Tyreke genuinely seems like he wants to be a Pelican and Monty refers to him as a guy that really wants to be here multiple times .
  • Main attractions that brought Tyreke Evans to New Orleans was the trade for, one of Tyreke Evans good friends, Jrue Holiday and the young group of guys the team has.
  • When asked if he has any problem playing small forward Tyreke responded “I have no problem at all.” Coach Williams then responded to Evans “That’s what you call starting controversy.”
  •  Monty hasn’t made a set role for Tyreke Evans yet saying he wants to see him play with Jrue, Eric, and Al-Farouq then make the assessments in October.
  • Monty’s main concern about playing Tyreke at the 3 is in late clock situations if he has to switch on a 4. Monty did not seem too concern about Tyreke playing the 3 on the offensive side believing his guys can figure it out.
  • Monty does seem to want to make it more of an emphasis to push the ball and increase pace.


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