In the NO Podcast Episode 140, Part 1: NBA Draft Big Boards for the Pelicans

Michael and I debate our top ten guys – and unsurprisingly, have some pretty big differences. Particularly, my board is right, and his isn’t. We also talk rumors about McLemore and/or Oladipo falling, Chad Ford not putting anyone into Tier’s 1 and 2 in this draft, and generally what we think most of the rumors are that are out there – smoke or fire.

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19 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 140, Part 1: NBA Draft Big Boards for the Pelicans”

  1. I’m almost shocked that you guys based your tiers on two major categories. The ability to improve and the ability to take over a game when it matters most, yet you guys have Burke ranked so low. Burke was a guy that consistently carried his team all through out the regular season and had several outstanding games during the NCAA tourney. As far as year to year improvements Burke is comparable to any player in this draft if not more. Also it was said that Burke isn’t affective in transition but a large percentage of Burke’s production came on fast break opportunities.

    • daThRONe But as I said in the podcast, I am not drafting for who the player is now, but who I think they are at their peak. Burke had a great year, and you can never take that away from him, but if he is a better player than Jeff Teague in his prime, I will be shocked. If I am wrong, I will acknowledge it down the line.

      • Michael McNamara daThRONe 
        That’s fine, but when you have a podcast raving about two guys vast improvement and don’t mention that same progress with the one player that may have improved the most that doesn’t seem like a equal evaluation.
        You’ve made it clear how you view Burke as a prospect so I should know what to expect.

      • daThRONe Michael McNamara Ryan talked about Oladipo’s improvement. I never once said that was part of my evaluation. 
        Any other observations in the 3+ hours of the podcast or is Burke the only thing worth talking about?

    • daThRONe This is called a red herring.  Neither of us based our tiers on the two categories you state.  You claim that, and then argue your point.  It’s interesting, I suppose, but you aren’t refuting what we said, you are refuting what you wanted us to say.
      My tiers are based on advanced efficiencies, adjusted per40 minute numbers, physical measurements, player age, and how rare a particular player’s skills are.  Burke ended up 6th on my board.

    • daThRONe Spending a top 6 pick on a mediocre NBA point guard like Trey Burke is akin to an NFL franchise blowing a first round pick on a running back.

      • Roger.That. daThRONe 
        You are entitled to your opinion. However I don’t share it. Porter to me is the lowest ceiling player being mention maybe in the lottery IMO. Yet people would be thrilled with him at 6.

      • Roger.That. daThRONe 
        Me and Dickie V both think Burke is going to be better than mediocre to slightly above average. And with the game being all about the pick and roll ballhandler, even a slightly above above average PG is worth more than the same level wing or inside player.

  2. Burke reminds me of Jameer Nelson and I and excite about that. He is a good player just not what the Pels need. If we they can’t get Porter, Dipo, Len, or McLemore I said trade away next yearrs 1st round pick to. I’m down for adding experience over youth.

  3. Great podcast but Schwanny, you’re bloody CRAZY for saying that you’d give up our #6, next year’s protected 1st rounder, AND Vasquez or Lopez to simply move up 4 spots.  Insane.  There’s a VERY good chance that Porter or Oladipo will fall to us at 6.  I think we just cross our fingers and hold on to our assets.

    • Roger.That. Wait, what?  Did I say that?
      If I did, I was crazy.  I’d give up #6 and a protected 1st rounder for next year OR #6 with Vasquez or Lopez.

  4. By the way you guys are awesome for providing us with this level of coverage.  It’s crazy to me that the Saints and LSU football which are both 50 times more popular than our Pelicans don’t have anything half as good as BSS.

    • Roger.That. You’re growing on me . . . 
      Actually, I fully expect 1/4 to 1/2 of what we have planned to come to fruition this summer. You will enjoy.
      Ideas are welcome.

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