Ryan Anderson is a Jedi Knight

Published: June 13, 2013

I consider Ryan Anderson’s first year on the team a resounding success. Sure, the team’s record wasn’t good, but Dell Demps has found a gem in a talented young veteran at an affordable contract. Anderson expanded his offensive repertoire, was lethal from deep, and showed the idea that “he needed Dwight Howard” was an absolute joke. He has a bright future as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans.

But what if I told you Ryan Anderson was more than a player? What if I told you Ryan Anderson was a Jedi? I was watching some game film on mySynergySports last night and stumbled across this image (above) from the first game against Portland.

Despite this Sith’s intentions, Anderson managed to go 7 of 10 from 3 that night, so clearly he is one of the powerful Jedi.

This image brings several questions to mind.

1. Is this Sith part of the Blazers’ organization?

2. Which Jedi Knight is Ryan Anderson?

3. Should we be worried that the Dark Side is after Anderson?

4/5. Is Anderson the only Jedi on the team? If not, who are the other ones?

Given Anderson’s shooting capabilities, I should’ve known that he possessed a power that I wasn’t aware of.

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