NBA2K13 Draft Class Now Available for XBOX 360 users: McNamara Approved

Published: June 11, 2013

I have spent the last week creating an authentic draft class for NBA 2K13 and it is now available for download. While I will admit that I am not the greatest at recreating a player’s exact face, I think you will find player abilities, attributes, and tendencies are dead on. To download the class, simply go to 2K Share, go to download, scroll over to draft class and search for ‘mcnamara247’.

That’s it and that’s all. Before you simulate the season, it will ask you if you want to use your own draft class. Say yes and use this class. Simulate the season and head into draft night looking to target your favorite player. Feel free to hit me up with any feedback and I can make changes to the class if I made a mistake somewhere. Enjoy!



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