Per Dario Saric’s Agent: Decision is Made, Saric will Withdraw from Draft

Published: June 7, 2013

After Chad Ford reported yesterday that Dario Saric is “leaning towards withdrawing from the draft”, I decided to take it upon myself to dig a little deeper. After all, I had plenty invested following a 4000+ word piece on Saric yesterday.

I reached out to several people, including Saric’s agent Robert Jablan. I asked for a quote or comment on the record regarding Saric’s status for my piece and Jablan responded with the following:

We make decision this morning that we will withdraw Dario from the 2013 draft

Best regards,

Robert Jablan

In all honesty, when the news came out yesterday that he was threatening to withdraw, I thought it was a ploy to secure a promise from a lottery team, but I don’t see any reason why his agent would lie to me to further some kind of secret agenda. It looks like it is true. Saric will pull out of this draft, and the Pelicans will now have to look elsewhere at number 6.


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