New Orleans Pelicans Hot Topics: Gordon, Granger, Rivers, Burke, and More

Published: June 4, 2013

Time to catch up once again on some hot topics as the New Orleans Pelicans prepare for arguably their most important offseason ever. With approximately $13 million in cap room (with the ability to get that number over $20 million), some tradeable assets, and the #6 pick in the draft, the Pelicans figure to be major players this offseason. Here is the latest:

News and Rumors

– Chad Ford’s latest mock draft is full of some juicy tidbits. First, he states that the Pelicans “have not given up on Austin Rivers.” Well, duh. Who thought they had? But Ford takes it a step further and says that the Pelicans will likely not bite on a point guard in the draft because they seem happy with what they have at the point. Second, he says that people inside the organization see Anthony Davis as a 4 long term, meaning there is a need for a center (can’t we wait for Pekovic?!). So, with that in mind, Ford has us selecting Alex Len even though all three point guards (Burke, McCollum, and MCW) were on the board in his mock.

Dell Demps is in Europe right now, scouting not only draft prospects, but possible free agents that we can add to the roster or give Summer League tryouts to. Remember, it is not always about the home run. As Ryan pointed out on the podcast last night, Dell scouted these playoffs last year and invited Roberts to Summer League. Now the Pelicans have a solid 4th or 5th  guard on a cheap contract. Once Dell returns, the Pelicans will hold individual workouts for prospects. likely beginning next week.

– The Indiana Pacers were eliminated by the Miami Heat last night, and the #1 question I have got today is: Granger and #23 for Eric Gordon, what would you say? First of all, I gotta say it makes at least some sense for both teams. For the Pacers, Paul George is  a small forward, so it would be hard for he and Granger to play well next to each other. Also, financially, Indiana is basically locked into their current team. Paul George is going to get a max contract that kicks in at the beginning of the 2014 season, just when Granger comes off the books. With David West’s cap hold this year, the Pacers really don’t have any money to upgrade their roster, so why not swing for the fences with Gordon and hope he stays healthy? If he does, that is a team that can own the East for the next couple of years.

For the Pelicans, it would be great to add a solid veteran presence and it would also be nice to get out from Gordon’s contract. The cap actually figures to jump up nearly $3 million next summer, so the Pelicans can put themselves in prime position to be players in that class with Granger coming off the books. All that said, I don’t think Dell does it, but let me add this one tweek to the trade. What if Dell called the Bobcats and they said that they would flip #4 for #6 and Tyler Hansborough? You call Indy back up and ask for Granger and Psycho T, then flip him to Charlotte and now, at #4, you are pretty much guaranteed either McLemore or Oladipo to replace Gordon at the 2- would that be good enough? Sound off below.

Site News

– We have launched our Salary Central page to give you a one stop shop for everything you need to keep up with all our moves this summer. This page is basically a beginner’s/intermediate guide to negotiating your way through the CBA. The advanced page will come soon, so be sure to give us feedback or ask us questions so we can provide you with all the information you need to know.

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