New Orleans Pelicans Afternoon Bullets: Vasquez, Rondo, Bledsoe, Burke, and more

Published: May 29, 2013

Rumors and speculation fly fast and furious this time of year, and today is centered mostly on point guards. Let’s take a look at some stories flying around the interweb:

– Bradford Doolittle proposes a Rajon Rondo for Greivis Vasquez and the sixth pick swap in his latest piece. I have proposed something similar recently, but strongly felt that it would take more than that to land an All-NBA caliber player.

– Chad Ford said that the Magic would be willing to give up Aaron Afflalo and take back Caron Butler’s salary just to get Eric Bledsoe. In the past, I have looked into Bledsoe’s trade value, and even had a deal proposed that sent Afflalo to the Clips.

– If Bledsoe goes to Orlando, the door would be left wide open for Trey Burke to become a Pelican. Looking at how the draft stands right now, it is hard to see anybody else in the top five taking him. According to, the Pelicans would be interested if he were there.

– John Reid proposes a move up to #3 to get Otto Porter. I would be on board with that, with one exception: That trade would be impossible. You can’t agree to a trade that is dependant on trading a guy not even on your roster. Other than that, I like the overall idea of moving up to secure a player that fills your greatest need.

So, a couple of interesting things to discuss. Thoughts?


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