New Orleans Pelicans Sixth Pick Tournament

Published: May 24, 2013

And we’re back! After an incredibly successful Tenth Pick Tournament last year, we are proud to debut our bracket for the Sixth Pick Tournament today. The First Round will kick off on Monday and the tournament will stretch all the way through the Eve of the NBA Draft. This year, we have 16 contestants; thirteen prospects, and three trade scenarios (up, down, or for a veteran). Based on a site consensus, Nerlens Noel and Ben McLemore are not in this tournament because we feel that there is no way they could fall to #6, but if you really love those guys, vote for Trade Up!

Everybody else is in play, however, and what we ask is that you vote for who you want in that matchup. In this context, assume that the two guys in the matchup will be there and pick the one you would want the Pelicans to take. Also, go in with an open mind – It’s more fun that way. Some of these guys you probably saw a lot of, others a little of, and a few, maybe you have never seen. That’s okay, it’s OUR job to make the arguments; to entertain and inform. Listen to the arguments, do some research of your own if you like, and let your voice be heard by voting and by posting in the comments.

This should be a really fun tournament, as this draft appears to be wide open. Anything can happen, so let’s enjoy the next 34 days, learn a bunch, and have some fun! Sixth Pick Tournament starts in just 3 days. Are you ready?!


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