Bourbon Street Shots Lottery Watch Party

As I’m sure you’re all aware this coming Tuesday, May 21st is the NBA Draft Lottery. Last year this was a tremendous turning point for the Pelicans as the lottery balls fell the right way and the team won the rights to draft Anthony Davis.

This year we’re hoping if we all gather in one place and force our collective will on David Stern, we’ll cause the exact same thing to happen again! Our friends over at Tracey’s in the Irish Channel have offered to host the official Bourbon Street Shots NBA Draft Lottery Party.

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What: The Official Bourbon Street Shots NBA Draft Lottery Party

Where: Tracey’s Bar & Restaurant. Located at Located on the corner of Magazine and Third St

When: Tuesday, May 21st. The lottery starts at 7:30 pm central but most writers will be there earlier to talk some hoops

Specials: Tracey’s has graciously offered us drink specials on Abita beer and Sailor Jerry rum. There will also be 50 cent wings!

It’s always fun to put a face to the username so come talk Pelicans basketball, watch the lottery and celebrate the anniversary of the franchise’s turning point! If you plan to attend, be sure to let us know on Facebook!



Who: People of all ages. The drink specials don’t mean the future of America can’t enjoy the future of the Pelicans.

Why: Because it’s about time people start publicly displaying their affection for the team . . . and wings . . . and Tracey’s is cool.

11 responses to “Bourbon Street Shots Lottery Watch Party”

  1. I particularly enjoyed when he lost it when the Bobcats logo came up second.

    I think we’re also going to do a live chat type thing again as well. I believe Jason is bringing a laptop to Traceys so we can get everyone on.

  2. @Sam Patching Oh, I got both and I will be sporting them this Monday in a live chat. If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

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